1. Dr. Gunawan, her husband and their office staff are absolutely amazing.  I have dental anxiety and lots of dental needs (caps, veneers and an implant) and Dr. Gunawan and her team work together to make me feel comfortable and provide excellent care.  They do great work and present all the options for the best solutions (balancing fiscal, visual and longevity).  I really can’t thank them enough for all that they’ve done.
Jak K.
Hayward, CA

2. I’ve been going with my son to the Navarrete Gunawan dentistry for over two years, and have received wonderful service. The staff is friendly and responsible. The x-ray technician is very caring about her patients. Their new office is clean and has a nice atmosphere.
Mario J.
Oakland, CA

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Bianca Otarola June 2, 2010 at 2:25 am

Dr. Gunawan & her staff are amazing at doing their jobs, and they’re very kind, gentle, and friendly. They always greet you with a warm smile, and make you feel very comfortable. They’re very organized, and they’re office is very clean and sterile. Thank you for everything!

Rong Mao August 3, 2011 at 10:28 pm

I had tried two dentists in Mountain View and in Menlo Park before.
Then, I followed a friend’s recommendation and went to see Dr
Navarrete. His office is a bit far for Stanford, but after my first
visit, I had no question that it was worth the drive to East Bay. My
first visit to Dr Navarrete was a regular dental exam. All dentists
that I had seen before spent at most 15-30 minutes on the exam,
usually after a tooth cleaning. Dr Navarrete spent at least an hour
and a half on the exam, being very thorough and knowledgeable, and
very patient in addressing my concerns with detailed explanations.

Unlike the previous dentists I had visited, he did not push for any
treatments that the other dentists wanted to have done on me. He even
explained why these treatments/procedures are not necessary, and what
may be some of the more affordable options if I must have them done.
He seemed to be genuinely interested in providing the highest quality
care, and not in generating profit for his practice. He correctly
diagnosed why one of my molars was still bothering me after I had a
partial crown done at another dentist a year ago – the crown had
cracked and therefore the nerve was exposed, causing sensitivity to
hot and cold temperatures. He then performed a quick procedure to seal
the crack, and it totally worked! The molar has not been bothering me

Another plus is that he is also an orthodontist. During this
visit, he also looked at my tooth alignment and offered to adjust my
retainers in my future visits. For my second visit, I had an old
filling replaced. Again, Dr Navarrete was very patient and technically
competent. Again, he spent a lot more time on the procedure than any
other dentist I had seen before, to make sure the job is done to

The cost for this procedure ended up a lot less than the
estimates that the other dentists quoted me. One small detail that
impressed me was how little pain I felt when he did a lidocaine
injection to my gum (probably the least painful lidocaine injection I
have ever felt). Overall, I was very happy with the care I received at
this practice and would definitely recommend him to anyone I know.

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